Meet Dr. Holbrook

A true local through and through, Dr. Von Holbrook, or “Dr. Joe”  for short, was born and raised right here in California. After graduating high school in Santa Barbara County, Dr. Joe served as a missionary in the Dominican Republic for two years, gaining the skills he would later need to lead a team. Following his time overseas, Dr. Joe returned to California, studying at UC Santa Barbara before moving onto dental school in San Francisco. 


Dr. Holbrook DDS – Qualifications


Dr. Holbrook spent many years studying before becoming the dentist he is today. UC Santa Barbara is a very well-respected university, and this is where Dr. Joe studied for his initial undergraduate degree. Following this, he went on to study for his DDS at The University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, graduating back in 2006. In the decade or so since he left university, Dr. Joe has continued to push the boundaries of his dental knowledge, working extremely hard to continue studying and learning along the way.


Dr. Holbrook DDS – Personal Life


As a family man, Dr. Joe is an excellent choice for families with children of all ages. With three girls and a boy of his own, Dr. Joe is well used to the challenges which come with little ones, offering a calm and patient approach to his work. He fills his free time with exercise, baseball, and experiences with his family, and is happy to take full advantage of the beautiful weather and landscapes found in California.


Dr. Holbrook DDS – Work Ethic


Unlike many dentists, Dr. Joe is more concerned about his patient’s well being than getting them through the door as quickly as possible. He works tirelessly to give his patients choices, and is always happy to spend the time to explain treatments and procedures before they are carried out. Being able to speak fluent Spanish, Dr. Joe can work with the vast majority of residents in Paso Robles without the need for a translator.


Dr. Holbrook DDS & Paso Robles Dental Care


Paso Robles Dental Care is proud to have Dr. Von Holbrook on the team. With more than a decade and a half of experience in the field of dentistry, you’ll struggle to find a professional with the same level of expertise, but you don’t have to take our word for it; you can find plenty of reviews and testimonials around the web for Dr. Joe’s work.

If you’d like to talk to Dr. Joe or want to book an appointment, we encourage you to get in contact right away. You can call our practice at (805) 237-7773 or send an email to [email protected], and our friendly team will be more than happy to offer all of the support and advice they can. Dr. Holbrook is just one of our dental professionals, and we have many skilled individuals on our team.

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