Pediatric Dentistry

Did you know that even toddlers need dental checkups? By age two, your child may have lots of teeth. Even very young children can start to have dental problems. By this time, you should have already scheduled a dental visit. Your children should have their first dental checkup as soon as their teeth come in. No matter the age of your kids, they can benefit from pediatric dentistry.   

We’re the dental experts for kids in the Paso Robles, California area. We can make great dental hygiene fun for your kids and educational for you. 

Call Paso Robles Dental Care for an appointment. Dr. Joe Holbrook and his staff would look forward to helping your children grow a healthy, beautiful set of teeth. 

Good Children’s Dental Hygiene Instructions

Helping your child maintain good dental hygiene is easy. It just requires a little bit of work every day, and a little bit of knowledge. 

Dental hygiene is something you should be helping your child learn at an early stage in life. To make sure your child is caring for their teeth properly, you should be involved in the tooth brushing every day until your child knows how to do it correctly alone. 

Many very young kids enjoy learning how to brush and care for their teeth. When your child has a full set of teeth, you should be helping them brush at least twice per day, especially before bedtime. And make sure the brushing continues for at least two minutes each time. 

Brushing daily can help your child remove plaque buildup on the teeth and promote good dental health. To your child, this means getting rid of that “icky”, non-clean feeling in the mouth. 

If your child is under three, you won’t need much toothpaste. A smear will suffice as long as it has the proper fluoride as recommended by Dr. Holbrook.

Also, choose a child’s toothbrush as recommended by Dr. Holbrook. Fluoride is proven to be one of the most effective means of preventing dental cavities. Many locations have fluoridated drinking water. If you drink bottled or filtered water, have well water, or live in an area without fluoridated water, we encourage you to discuss your child’s fluoride needs with Dr. Holbrook.

At What Age Should your Child Start Flossing?

Between the ages of two and six in most cases. This can vary a lot depending on several things. Bringing your child in for a consultation is the best way to find out. We’ll take a look and give you some great dental advice for your youngster.

Keep Your Children’s Appointments

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that all patients receive regular dental checkups at least twice per year. Your child’s first treatment will generally involve a cleaning. We’ll thoroughly clean both the teeth and gums and provide a good examination. We’ll determine if x-rays are necessary and will go over some great tips and tricks to help you clean and care for your child’s teeth. 

Don’t let your child miss regularly scheduled routine appointments such as cleanings. We’ll use professional, state-of-the-art tools, technology, and techniques to provide cleaning and care which just can’t be duplicated at home. We’ll keep your child’s teeth in top-notch care. With Paso Robles Dental Care, your child will have the best dental hygiene possible. 

Good Diet Means Good Oral Health

Paso Robles Dental Care can recommend great dietary ways to help your child avoid cavities. We all know how kids tend to love sweets, but a poor diet can aggravate gum disease and tooth decay. Don’t let your child overeat sugary, acidic foods. These foods can wear tooth enamel and cause cavities. 

Make sure they don’t consume too much fruit juice or soda. Your child should drink water or milk between meals instead of surgery or juice drinks.

Wisdom Teeth Evaluation

Wisdom teeth are prone to forming and erupting last among all of your child’s teeth, resulting in overcrowding. A wisdom tooth may also come in at an angle, causing difficulties by pressing on surrounding teeth. 

Call today to set up a consultation with you and your child. We’ll help you determine if and when your child should have their wisdom teeth removed.

The Best Pediatric Dentistry in the Paso Robles, CA Area

We’ll get to know you and your children during your first visit. We will thoroughly examine your child’s teeth. We’ll give them an in-depth consultation on how to best care for their teeth and what dental difficulties they may have in the future.

Our goal is to keep your child cavity-free for life, and we have an excellent track record. The proof is in the happy, healthy smiles of our young patients.