Composite Fillings

Many people can have one common problem when it comes to their teeth and that is cavities where there are holes within your tooth. Many dentists will look at placing a filling on those teeth so that the root is protected as well as the rest of the tooth from any further damage. One of the most common ways to fix this problem at your dentist is to have composite fillings. However, what are the reasons and benefits behind getting composite fillings, and what is the process? Hopefully, this article will help better to explain that. 

What are the Reasons and Benefits to get Composite Fillings?

There are many different reasons and benefits to having composite fillings instead of some of the more widely used and common alternatives. 

Fillings are Strong

When it comes to a filling you want them to be strong and composite fillings are exactly that. They bond well with the enamel on the natural tooth and are long-lasting. 

Fillings are Tooth-Colored and Aesthetically Pleasing

One of the major issues people have when it came to having fillings in the past was that many metal options were very obvious in color, such as silver or gold. Which meant that they could be visible when talking. Composite fillings are tooth-colored, which therefore means they are more natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing. 

They can be Placed in a Single Visit

As they are easy to apply it often means that the cavities can be filled with composite fillings during one single visit. 

They Require Very Little Healthy Tooth Removal to be Fitted

In some cases when it came to fillings some of the healthy tooth enamel would need to be removed so that the filling could bond. As the composite fillings bond well with the enamel, there isn’t the need to remove as much of the healthy tooth. 

They will Show any Further Tooth Decay in the Future

As the composite fillings that you will have fitted at clinics such as the one in Paso Robles, California, are tooth-colored, it is easier for your dentist to identify any further tooth decay that may present itself in the tooth in the future. Rather than being disguised because of the similarity in color to metal fillings and tooth decay. 

They Bond Extremely Well to Enamel

This makes composite fillings some of the strongest fillings that you can have with less risk of them falling out after use in the future. 

What is the Process?

When attending your appointment at your dentist clinic in locations such as Paso Robles, California, having a composite filling fitted as part of your appointment won’t take as long as you may have thought. A composite filling is placed in your tooth in layers. The layers gradually build up to fill the tooth that has been created in your teeth due to tooth decay and cavities. The dentist might need to use a UV light to help with the bonding process. This hardens each layer quickly so that the next layer can be placed onto the tooth.

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