Root Canal Therapy

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What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a great way to save your natural tooth. To understand root canal therapy, it helps to understand the anatomy of a tooth. The outer tooth portion is the crown, and the root extends into your jaw, keeping the tooth in place. In the center of your tooth and its root is the dental pulp, which can sometimes get infected due to complications such as a cracked tooth. When this happens, a root canal is needed to treat the infection. 

Root canal therapy removes an infection in the middle of a tooth. The treatment itself is not painful but essential and can save a tooth that may have to be removed if there are no options for keeping it. 


How to Know if You Need Root Canal Therapy

You may have noticed pain when biting or chewing or even constant tooth pain. Pain in an affected tooth is often one of the most telling signs that you may need a root canal. If you experience prolonged pain that increases when exposed to hot or cold temperatures, it could indicate an infection deep within your tooth. 

Swelling and sensitivity to the touch nearby can be other signs that a root canal is necessary. This is another tell-tale sign if you suddenly cannot bite down on an affected area without extreme pain. 

The best way to ensure good treatment for your teeth and prevent further issues from arising is to visit our team for an examination as soon as possible if any of these symptoms appear. We can assess the situation accurately and discuss treatment options with you.


What is the Root Canal Therapy Process?

Dr. Holbrook will examine your teeth and possibly take some X-rays. We can proceed if we determine that root canal therapy is the best option. 

This process can be performed in around an hour. Root canal therapy is often performed under a local anesthetic to numb the infected tooth and the gum around it. 

Dr. Holbrook and his team will open your tooth from the crown to access the dental pulp and remove the infection. Your tooth is cleaned thoroughly, and our team will enlarge the root canal to prepare it for filling. Then we fill the root canal with a material that will harden and protect the tooth interior. 

The last step is for us to place a crown over the tooth, sealing it and matching it to your other natural teeth. This will help strengthen it so you can continue using your tooth for chewing and talking.


Root Canal Therapy in Paso Robles, California

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